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Property Sales Australia

Successful Property Investors need detailed information on property sales to accurately estimate value in their prospective house, unit and land purchases. To know your local real estate market it is essential to have details of recent property sales. If you know what a comparable property recently sold for, then you will have a good idea of how much to offer the vendor during negotiations.


Negotiating a house purchase can be a tricky business and the more information you have at your disposal the better. Australia is a diverse country and every suburb in Australia has it's own unique property market slightly different even to it's surrounding suburbs. While one suburb may be experiencing a boom in house sales, another may be going through a flat period. Only through looking at recent property sales can you really see what your suburb of interest is doing.


Our reports give you several ways to analyse a local real estate market. Firstly our Suburb Sales History Report will give you information on recent sales in your selected suburb. If you are investigating a group of suburbs within a particular postcode you may wish to try our Postcode Sales History Report which gives recent sales in an entire postcode. If you are already interested in a particular property then try our Individual Property Report which gives an in-depth look at a particular property and it's surrounds.

Property Sales Australia
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